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My Alarm Can Do What?? 

As technology advances, the capabilities of newer alarm systems are incredible. They are truly only limited by the imagination.

Some of the newer capabilities include things such as lighting, sprinkler and thermostat control, which make energy management a breeze. Accularm Security is very excited to be able to "go green" with this new technology and help our customers lower energy costs by implementing alarm programming that is user friendly and easily managable. Imagine customized programming for your alarm that turns off lights and lowers the thermostat to a predetermined temperature when you arm your system to leave.

Another newer and more advanced capability is remote video technology. This equipment allows you to monitor activities in and around your home from inside or remotely by computer. This "remote video look-in" is also customizable, and could be used from work or while on vacation to monitor what is going on in your home. It could also be used to monitor doors that lead to pool areas, entry doors that may be hard to see or hear from other locations in the house, or cars that are parked outside, there truly is no limitation to the technology, except the limitations of our own imagination.

The technology also allows for integration with your cell phone or PDA. Imagine the relief in receiving a text message when your child comes home from school and disarms the alarm or when an alarm is activated in your home. This new technology is just one more way that you can be personally involved in the use of your alarm each and every day, to the exact extent that you wish to be. We want your alarm to work for you, and as technology evolves, we strive every day to bring more options to our customers.